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This project for featured an expandable rich media banner (shown above), an interactive CD presentation, plus offline printed materials. I was copywriter.

SAP Service-Oriented Architecture Interactive Presentation


To detail an intricate B2B enterprise software story such as service-oriented architecture, it helps to have a simple concept. That’s ultimately what sold SAP on the straightforward metaphor of using a whiteboard presentation for this story of SOA. It’s an elegant way to tell the story without getting in the way of the detail. I […]

How to get people to buy from you, right now


I’m going to tell you one of the Great Marketing Strategy Secrets to Still Making Sales, Even in This Crazy Economy. It’s not copywriting. Or art direction. Or social media, video, or SEO strategy. (Although all those things can help.) Ready? It’s the offer. Offer something of value to your customers, something they really want, […]

SAP and Cisco Conference Opening Video


I wrote the script for this video which was the cornerstone of the announcement of a new partnership between tech giants, Cisco and SAP. It was shown before the keynote speech to an audience of 18,000 at the Cisco Global Sales Conference in August of 2007.

Apple Rethink Direct Marketing


I know talking about working on Apple is like breaking the first rule of Fight Club, but so what. Here’s an example of direct marketing copy writing I did for Apple Education.

PHH Arval Brand Launch


Thirty years ago, there were more than 300 fleet management companies in the US. Today, it’s down to 10, vying for the same customers. And the second largest player, PHH Arval, was facing monumental challenges.

Their competition was badmouthing them after a failed merger with GE. When they finally responded, their messaging was inconsistent. This left employees frustrated, and customers scratching their heads. What’s more, PHH was clinging to a story of industry firsts in a marketplace that had caught up to them technologically.

eBay Direct Marketing Catalog Concept


eBay asked us to rethink their direct marketing catalog, to create something that showed the true spirit of the eBay experience. Our concept—a series of postcard packs that put you in the moment of discovery. I was copywriter and conceptual developer.

Sanrio Website


When you get to write copy about Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru and Chococat, what else could you ask for?