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A Brand that Needs to Grow Up


Since I’m in the business of talking about brands, I’m going to pick on one now. It’s been infamous around this household since my daughter was born and has just won that distinction yet again. Hard to believe that a major brand like Toys R Us can make it so hard on the consumer and […]

Scribd as a Resource for Marketing Research


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Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man


Advertising adds value by changing perception. Rory Sutherland asserts that a change in perceived value can be just as satisfying as “real” value”. Case in point: don’t miss the Shreddies “relaunch” commercial at around 14 minutes in. It’s priceless.

How Usable is Your Copy, Plus Interactive Copywriting & Design

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How Usable is Your Copy? « Usability Post (tags: copywriting copywriter user_experience webdesign ui content writing) Interactive Copywriting & Design (tags: design copywriter copywriting user_experience)

5 marketing megatrends you can’t ignore


This is a fascinating article about marketing megatrends by my friend Adam Kleinberg, CEO of Traction. Our society is undergoing massive fundamental transitions. Learn how these forward-thinking brands seized the underlying marketing opportunities. Article Highlights Savvy marketers are recognizing the impact of mass collaboration and constant connectivity The broader trends of globalization and corporate distrust […]