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Wanted: writer

I’m looking for a writer with a great track record who wants to collaborate. You’re looking for an extra income stream and your persuasive writing skills are the way to earn it. You come up with great copy and lots of ideas to go with it. You do direct marketing. And/or branding. And/or the social […]

6 Things I’ve Learned Writing for the Beauty Industry


You have to be vain. Vanity is not a bad thing. At least, not in the proper dose. Advertising and vanity go hand in hand. It’s why you see so many beautiful women and hot guys working in advertising. It’s why you’re willing to spend an hour watching Don Draper be a likeable asshole. The […]

Advertising & Marketing White Papers from AdAge

Advertising and Marketing News White Papers AdAge whitepapers (tags: adage_whitepapers Ad_Resources advertising marketing research business adage whitepapers) Idris Mootee’s Presentations on SlideShare (tags: brand_strategist branding)

An Agency Devoted to Branding Beauty


These guys have a really interesting approach to the concept of branding beauty, including merchandising and product development. Intelligent Beauty, Inc. (tags: beauty branding) A Top Team Is Key to Growth – (tags: entrepreneurship management entrepreneur)