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The Social Profile Interactive Tool


If you want insight into the people you’re marketing to, talking to and writing for, you know how personas, aka “buyer personas” can be a valuable tool for understanding. Now, via Duct Tape Marketing, comes another tool designed to give you a leg up on understanding various personality types found specifically online. Email service provider […]

Can you control your brand when using affiliates?


Interesting insight from Ecoconsultancy: “Brands spend inordinate amounts of money in ensuring that they are communicating with their consumers in the correct way, spreading the right message and encouraging those customers to think about the brand in a positive way and transacting with them. Conversely, affiliates are not necessarily worried too much about what the […]

Marketing lessons from the Grateful Dead


I’ll readily admit that I was a deadhead for a brief, shining, brief, (did I mention it was brief?) time in college. As a marketer, I’m ashamed to say I never saw this book angle coming though: Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead A longtime fan of the Dead, David Meerman Scott co-wrote the book […]

Over half of opened emails deleted within two seconds: study


According to Ecoconsultancy, the bad news about email is this: over half (51%) of the emails that were opened were deleted within two seconds. And, as they surmise, it’s not totally surprising. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was trained as a fledlging direct marketing copywriter to envision the reader of traditional direct […]