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7 copywriting tips for luxury products

I wanted a copywriting primer on selling luxury consumer packaged goods for a client, so figured I’d share these copy writing secrets. Here goes: 1. Affluent buyers still love bargains. They may have gotten their money by being frugal, says copywriter Ruth Sheldon via Bob Bly, so it’s in their nature. Plus, getting a deal […]

How to win with smart messaging


Listen to Talk of the Nation’s interview with Frank Luntz, author of Win, a new book about how critical smart messaging is to businesses and politicians and the importance of language in copywriting and advertising. Here’s an excerpt: The best advertising and the best communication, when it comes to business, is that which makes you […]

On social media, gratuitous violence, and how the 2010 Census impacts ethnic advertising

Sandy Close on social media

Veteran journalist Sandy Close, with a career that spans decades helping to give voice to those who don’t often get heard from, speaks about the importance of connection to create a more cosmopolitan view of the world. Very timely topics, considering how often we talk about connection in social media. Be sure to listen to […]

7 ways the iPad2 affects marketing

7 ways iPad2 affects marketers

7 Things To Know About iPad2 Of the seven new features covered here, it seems like the Gyroscope will have the most impact on marketing as there are myriad ways to use it to deepen a marketing experience. For example, imagine a brand sponsors a citywide treasure hunt where you use your iPad2 to collect […]