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How Do Changing Demographics Impact Ads?

This soon-to-be-pulled Eska Water TV spot in Canada is an example of multicultural advertising gone wrong.

Heard on NPR: How multicultural advertising is now the norm. Michele Norris interviews Jimmy Smith, creative director at TBWA/Chiat/Day, and Roberto Orci, Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies chair-elect and president of Acento ad agency. Click this link to play the multicultural advertising interview.

How to convey passion and excitement in a case study


I’ve been wondering this for years, because as I explained to a client recently, while I think case studies are valuable, I think the case study format is tired. And I see a lot of tired writing plugged into case studies. I like Jack Price‘s answer to this question on Quora. He writes: “A common […]

Gallo Salame TV spot


As an advertising copywriter, I lead two creative teams developing TV ads for Gallo Salame. As anyone writing for the food and beverage market knows, it’s not a proper TV spot unless you feature beauty shots of the food or the beverage. ‘Nuff said. Yet in this case, we also wanted to highlight Gallo’s differentiation […]