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Where do most people talk about brands?

If you said Facebook or Twitter, i.e. social media, you would be incorrect. With all the (continued) hype about social media, it’s still in face-to-face conversations where people discuss products and services the most. As you can see from this survey, even mobile and landline phone conversations (ear-to-ear?) rank very high. Lesson for marketers: have an integrated approach to your…

4 Branding Lessons from The Kardashians


No matter what you think of them, the Kardashians have built a brand with powerful recognition. And it didn’t happen by magic. Let’s look at four ways their brand of brand management  works in the market today. Shrewd awakening. Sharp brand management by their business manager/mom, Kris Jenner, has helped put the brood at the […]

Challenge Butter TV spot


While the client eventually settled on a traditional direction for the spot, which featured beautiful shots of butter flowing down corncobs and melting into English muffins, I did present them with an alternative very different from the norm for food and beverage advertising. Called “Natural Phenomenon,” it highlighted one of the client’s main differentiators: being […]