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Orange Enlists TSA Types to Silence Your Cell Phone at the Movies

Ad of the Day: Orange Enlists TSA Types to Silence Your Cell Phone at the Movies

“Until 40 percent off, ‘the customer doesn’t even pay attention.’” Amen.

copywriters_know_customers_are_ price_smart

Retailers Rush to Adjust to Price-Smart Shoppers. As power shifts to consumers, propelled by the Internet and apps, many stores are scrambling to move beyond the time-worn cycle of markups and discounts — and still make money.

An Argument Against the Usefulness of QR Codes

QR codes for marketing

We’ve been talking about QR codes—those slightly out-of-focus, black-and-white squares—for several years now. “Conceptually, this is neat,” writes Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic. “People who are looking at paper but connected to the Internet via their phones can combine the two in one seamless experience.” We see QR Codes everywhere—but do we use them? Not really.

Morgan Stanley


A different take on financial banners. I was Associate Creative Director for the campaign. Click on images below to view.

George Lois: How I Tricked Aunt Jemima Into Making Syrup


How legendary adman George Lois (claims that he) made Aunt Jemima get into the syrup business.

Advertising is a really weird business. Just ask Jean Paul Gaultier’s Marionettes.


Ad Campaign: Jean Paul Gaultier Whips Marionettes Into Shape for Diet Coke Diet soda is one of the few substances scientifically known to be ingested by fashion models. So, it’s not completely off the wall that Jean Paul Gaultier has been named creative director for Diet Coke in Europe. (He replaces Karl Lagerfeld in the […]

Brand Logos Redesigned for Hipsters

hipster brand logo for Coca Cola

Brand Logos Redesigned for Hipsters. Any hipsters out there wanna comment?

Smells like another campaign, but so what.

smells like another ad campaign but so what says this copywriter

I’m a sucker for CEOs who do their own company spots. (OK, not really, but it’s amusing.)’s 90-second promo clip is on the cutting edge, with more than 3 million views. Smells like Old Spice? Sure does, but also smells like cross-promo opp.