Wanted: writer

iStock 000007507565XSmall 150x150 Wanted: writerI’m looking for a writer with a great track record who wants to collaborate.

You’re looking for an extra income stream and your persuasive writing skills are the way to earn it.

You come up with great copy and lots of ideas to go with it. You do direct marketing. And/or branding. And/or the social stuff (Twitter, Facebook, blogging, the Next-Big-Thinging). What you write is less important than how you write.

For you, writing copy isn’t just about making a buck. It’s about an insatiable curiosity about why people do what they do and how you can (gently) persuade them.

Because writing is your passion, you don’t need to be hovered over. You’re a self-starter. When presented with deadlines, you say “Hi, deadline! Nice to meet you, as always.”

And you don’t flake out. Ever.

If this is you, I’m hoping we can help each other.

Because my business is growing. And growing. And… Well, you get the idea.

I’m constantly working with smart people on interesting copywriting projects and want to keep doing so. But I can’t do it alone.

That’s where you come in.

I’d like to collaborate with you.

You’ll get a flat fee for each project that you can count on like clockwork.

I’ll handle the client, strategy and marketing stuff. Your only job will be to write (and self-edit). You’ll write websites, blogs, postcards, case studies, lead-generation emails, video scripts, landing pages, and more.

This could take 10 hours a week of your time, more or less. I’m open. If you are too, contact me.