Taking you to the cleaners

OK, admittedly this is a potshot at a local business, which is kind of uncool, but I’m taking it.

How do you create an offer that doesn’t expire and then call it “limited time?” I mean, yeah, time is limited. The sun’s gonna go out. An asteroid’s gonna hit the earth. There’s that whole 2012 thing.

But unless our friends at the cleaners have some deep cosmic prescience they’re only hinting at, I’m not exactly feeling the pressure to ACT NOW.

Next up, a company that should know better. I looked at this self-mailer from Chase and my first thought was “Complete your life list with Chase Sapphire Preferred by overextending yourself across the Great Chasm of Debt.” That’s right. Let friends and family members (or in this case, models who’ve never laid eyes on each other before this stock photo shoot) lend you an unsteady hand.

Considering the state of the economy, my life list includes more things like getting my dry cleaning done affordably, so I’m keeping the limited/unlimited time offer from the cleaners. Of course, if they’re onto something about the whole time ending thing, might as well get another credit card as our debt ratios won’t matter soon anyway.

Is there a moral to these stories? Of course. It’s all about content and context. Make sure your content says what it should (and, for our cleaner friends, that it makes sense). And be sure that you put your product in the right context. (Is “life list” dreams and aspirations the right message right now, even for a higher end customer? Maybe. But maybe not.)

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