What is your agency doing to meet the escalating demands for digital?

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Rising to meet the escalating demands for digital, a lot of agencies are now requiring that almost all of their employees develop digital skills.



Traditional agencies should know that digital training is critical to their success.

The larger agencies are now rising to meet the escalating demands for digital, most of them are now requiring that almost all of their employees develop digital skills. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the bigger agencies are spending roughly $750,000 to $1.5 million on digital training programs this year.

Unfortunately for the small to midsize agencies, 90% of employees said they learned by figuring out problems on their own and 50% of talent in the marketing and communications industry feel under trained and with no definable career path, according to a recent 4A’s and Arnold survey on hiring, development and retention of agency executives.

Creative director takes the initiative and makes the leap from traditional to digital.


Kristina Slade, made the radical decision to leave her job as associate creative director at Omnicom Group’s TBWA \/Chiat\/Day, Los Angeles, to become creative director at San Francisco-based digital agency AKQA. In an Ad Age interview, Slade shared her challenges. Here are some of the highlights and challenges she expressed in that interview:

”The industry needs to retrain people.”“I was at Chiat for 18 months and near the end of my tenure I was getting frustrated with [traditional media]. … I was thinking there are better [online] opportunities for brands and consumers.”“Digital is a self-curated experience, so if someone didn’t engage with you, it just didn’t happen. It’s about what can a brand give someone.”Jumping in and absorbing all that tech info was the first hurdle.”“I’m pretty digitally savvy so I wasn’t like, “Oh my God what is this?” But it was more about understanding the technology behind things.“It was just getting behind the scenes of technology so we could make smarter choices and creative work that was better by leveraging all the potential of different platforms.”“… we actually have metrics and can prove what we can get for every dollar spent in digital.”“There are a few agencies that understand how to strategize differently, and some traditionals will become hybrids, but some that think of digital as an idea to check off, that’s wrong.”
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