How to test your marketing message

How to test your marketing message

You can spend a lot of time and money putting together a marketing strategy and a marketing message, only to get less-than-stellar results. Happens all the time. And if it’s happened to you, consider this technique for testing your marketing message.

Any good marketing strategy should include testing. I say this to clients all the time and sadly, it often falls on deaf ears.

Testing your marketing message doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do it as easily as reaching out to your audience and testing different messages and offers on individuals within it.

They suggest you can use as few as 20-50 people to see how people might respond.

Try your marketing message. Try your offer. Try varying your audience or the way you message about your product or service.

If what you’ve tried isn’t working, try something else.

The point is, keep trying until you find the key. That marketing strategy that works consistently. The result? An audience of people who want your product, a marketing message that resonates with them and an offer they respond to.

Once you have your formula, use it as your marketing copy.

Put it on your website, in email marketing campaigns, in ads, and in any other marketing you do.

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