Copywriting for real estate advertising

Copywriting for real estate advertising isn’t that different from copywriting for any other type of product. But it’s probably most similar to copywriting for automotive advertising.

Put your audience inside the product.

Writing for any product requires the copywriter to identify with the audience. You need to understand what motivates them, what gets to them emotionally. But copywriting for real estate, like copywriting for cars, means you need to literally put your audience inside the product. You need them to feel what it’s like to be seen in it and what it says about them.

Copywriting must be about what they need most.

Any good copywriter will work with you to identify¬†your audience¬†and develop copy that speaks to them. But with real estate copywriting, it’s especially critical to understand your audience’s mindset. Of course, you would never write for a luxury home buyer the same way you would write for a first time home buyer. But it goes beyond that.

For example, when I was copywriter for the Mission Bay ad, one of the key insights was the renters’ mindset. Many were newly or soon-to-be divorced men. As a copywriter, I wanted to get behind the reasons they’d choose a luxury apartment rental in this area of the city instead of another. I felt like a sense of belonging to a new community was important, as was proximity to city hotspots and–let’s face it–the ability to party hard without risking a DUI. But of course, all this had to put in the context of a luxury lifestyle.

Make the most of the ad format.

Of course, you have to adhere to the format. This ad is a typical real estate display ad, meaning a few column inches with a photo and a brief property description written in mouse-type so as to cram in as much information as possible. So it’s no surprise that each word you use has to count, as you’re literally counting how many you have room for. This is the case in any format, of course, even email, as this article from Real Estate Growth shows.

If you have need for a copywriter that can write copy your real estate customers will come home to, contact me.

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