Stock Copywriting

copywriting in metal type blocks

As a writer, I’ve always envied the relative ease with which photographers, designers and graphic artists could browse libraries of ready-made images and illustrations, just waiting to be abused. Ah, stock images! Beloved by those with limited budgets and those¬†who’d rather spend their money on other things, such as the monthly company birthday cake or subscription to BrandWeek for the lobby coffee table.

We writers have been left out. But to this I say, no more!

For too long, off-the-rack creative has been limited to visuals. Let us copywriters give the world¬†something new: stock headlines, paragraphs and captions. Join me in making copy available by the pound. Explore ways in which to bend the written word into a subject that’s valued by density, weight, availability and low cost.

Please watch this space, dear Reader. We’ve only just begun.

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