17 stock headlines you can use right now

writing stock headlines

Here are 17 stock writing headlines that you can pair with your favorite stock photos to create a campaign in no time.

  1. 5 tips to boost your (job title) success in just (#) minutes
  2. What never to do while you’re [verb]ing
  3. Stop (verb)ing in just (#) days
  4. Start (verb)ing in just (#) days
  5. The (#) steps to total (industry) domination
  6. This (noun) tells you everything you need to know about (topic)
  7. How to find high-quality (nouns) for only $(#)
  8. Get rid of that (body hang-up) with this one weird trick
  9. Beat the (obscenity) out of your (friends/coworkers) on your next (competitive sport)
  10. Reach your (goal) as much as (1-99)% faster
  11. (Goal your audience wants) in just (short time period) and never (thing they don’t want to do)
  12. Learn the best-kept secrets of (verb)ing in half the time!
  13. Plan the perfect (noun) with these (#) tips
  14. (#) signs that you’re a (type of person they want/don’t want to be)
  15. (#) most frightening (nouns) in history
  16. (#) reasons to (verb)
  17. (#) reasons not to (verb)

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