Can you hear what I hear?

Copywriting-writing-instrumental-musicCopywriters–well, at least this copywriter–can be affected by ambient sounds while working. That’s especially true of music. I find myself unable to listen to anything with lyrics while I write. Even chorales or vocal sounds can distract my attention while working, and coming up with something pithy that sells your product is challenging enough. So none of that, my friends!

But ever wanting to turn a challenge into a benefit, I’ve become a specialist in instrumental electronic music, modern classical and jazz. I spend ample time curating new tracks in all these genres to fuel my workday.

Now I’m sharing these tunes with you in case you, too, find the human voice simply too captivating to get work or studying done. Simply check the sidebar on the right to enjoy my list of tuneful, instrumental electronic hits. They’re brought to you by some of the most compelling artists working in instrumental electronic music today. And me, your humble marketing writer.

(You’ll find my modern classical and jazz lists here.)


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