How to Shake Analysis Paralysis

copywriter-says-how-design-feelsFacing indecision? Make sure you’re working with problem-solving collaborators and understand the process and the how-to business side. Sage words of advice from my friends at Lamfers & Associates. Here’s what they have to say:

Indecision can be a big roadblock and I’d like to offer a few tips, from a design perspective, on how you can kick indecision to the curb.

5 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Choice of Design Partners 

1) Make sure they are problem-solvers. A demonstrated ability to execute highly creative work is important—but that encompasses more than what the final product looks like. It’s also about understanding and applying research, defining strategy, and designing brands that meet your objectives. With a true problem-solving creative team, you’ll not only be more confident in your design solutions, you’ll know you’re solving the right problems…

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