A taste of food marketing news

copywriter-food-marketing-newsAs a copywriter who works a fair amount in the food and beverage industries, I like to keep on top of the upcoming trends in the marketplace—and perhaps you’d like to do the same. So here’s a quick list of food marketing trends and topics in the news. Plus a few that you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re also a foodie, like me.

Food Business News says in the upcoming year, we’re going to see:

  • Dark chocolate for breakfast*
  • The rise of turmeric as dosha dining—meaning, eating according to your body’s constitution
  • Vegetarian meats making inroads to meat eating
  • The mighty sardine!
  • More on mocktails

Plus an increase in the trend to enjoying interconnected eating as we look for ways to reconnect with friends and family.

Out of the UK, The Food People provide this helpful map on food trends that puts the desire to be “in control” at the center. It’s primarily about this year’s taste makers but contains a bit of a look ahead and an interesting review on the sweet and savory flavors that made top spots.

Just released, The Business Insider shares Whole Foods’ take on what’ll hit the trends of their store shelves and our palates in 2017. They say “wellness tonics, purple cauliflower, coconut chips and beet noodles” are rising to the top. Plus coconut keeps going strong. And another trend that Food Business News touched on—millennials’ desire to waste not want not—food byproducts are becoming more central ingredients. (I had a client that was doing this very same thing for cacao juice.)

There’s lots of food marketing news out there and I’ve barely given you a taste. If you’ve got more to share, please pass it my way. This copywriter/foodie is hungry for more.

* Sounds good to me.

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