6 restroom ads that tanked

In honor of the 16th Annual Restroom Advertising Conference, which just wrapped in Las Vegas, I bring you six ads you just might have seen when you least expected or wanted to.


Thankfully you were already in when they started foisting the image of a large body of water on you.



Get it? Get it???!!! It’s from Go Advertising. GET IT??????!!!!!!



Yes sir/ma’am! For all your Chloride and/or Coherex needs/requirements, give us a call right after you’ve washed up and we’ll get your worker safety-oriented lubricants right to you.



You’re being a bathroom stall. Now move aside.



Pink disco jacket? Check. Aqua Net industrial strength updo? Check. Legally actionable scenario? Check mate.



Live from the ladies room, we’re inking our nethers courtesy of Women’s Entertainment!