Content-based ad units for the new year

The iPad Ad

Coming soon to a tablet device near you (most likely, resting quasi-comfortably in your hands). Apple launched its first iPad iAd campaign for Disney’s TRON: Legacy. Seems like a natural fit for big brands in the coming year. But Apple’s not alone, as Yahoo and Samsung are reportedly doing similar.

Yahoo iPad ad

Ebook ads

With revenue for publishers and authors not rising so quick even though Kindles are flying off the shelves, Ebook ads may be another hot-to-make-moolah strategy come 2011.


Targeted set-top box ads

Someone somewhere will have to figure out how to make set-top-box advertising work. If the big cable companies can’t get out of their own way, it may be upstarts such as Boxee and Roku. They’re adding content partners like they mean it.

Google TV logo

Photo Credit: dailylifeofmojo via Flickr

Source: Latest Online Advertising content from Econsultancy