Viral video hits without big ad budgets are the exception, not the rule

Interesting and possibly dismaying facts about viral videos:

1. The most successful viral videos have big ad bugets.

2. Successful viral videos do not necessarily translate into more revenue.

According to Ecoconsultancy, a study of a year’s worth of popular trailers from 33 movies and video games comparing their popularity scores with their daily advertising budgets shows the relationship: the most popular online trailers often had the biggest budgets…mostly spent offline, like on TV, according to Forbes.

What’s more, viral video success doesn’t necessarily mean success at the box office, in the case of movies.

For example, the Michael Cera/Jack Black comedy “Year One” was among the films studied. A massive viral video success, it was a total box office flop.

Likewise, viral success doesn’t necessarily mean product revenue. While immensely popular, as I tweeted about recently, sales were actually down for Old Spice. In the end, it turns out that discounts and coupons contributed to a bulk of Old Spice’s sales this summer.

So does that mean it’s not worth it to try to create a video that goes viral? Perhaps not, as long as you’re measuring in terms of PR value, not necessarily ROI.

Source: Latest Strategy & Planning content from Econsultancy