Is your brand male or female?

Shortly after Jenny Niemann launched her office furniture dealership last year, a branding consultant asked her a question that put her back on her heels. Sourced through from: Do gender stereotypes still make a difference when it comes to defining a brand? Some evidence says yes, they do.

4 Ways to Expand Your Brand | Lamfers & Associates

Sourced through from: Great insights from my friend Debra Lamfers on ways for brands to expand their reach through co-branding, new categories and more.

10 brand case studies from The US Corporate Social Media Summit

See on – Advertising, I say 10 great social media case studies from Rohit Bhargava’s blog influential marKeting -A must read for any serious social media strategist … See on

Simple Guide To Branding Your Small Business [Infographic]

See on – Advertising, I say Need help branding your small business? This simple guide helps you with 6 key suggestions that might make your success a whole lot easier & faster. See on

Smart Brand Integration Builds The Best Engagement

See on – Advertising, I say Engagement is not a four-letter word; it’s a very real and important measure of how effective your ad campaign is. But what is that measure? The bottom line is that no one publisher has cracked the code and brands and their respective buyers and planners are increasingly looking […]

What does your brand stand for?

See more on – Advertising, I say The challenge for marketers is to characterize their brands first before products are introduced. This provides a foundation on which the brand is built with each new development. It also helps to define the brand’s culture in order to help employees discern the difference between programs and […]

Five Things More Important than Facebook Page Engagement

See on – Advertising, I say There’s a large misconception that engagement is the most significant aspect of a Facebook business page. This common message is so far-reaching that most online sources claim that high page engagement will result in increased brand awareness, stronger customer relationships and hopefully, perked profits. While engagement is imperative, […]

Cut through the hype about brand storytelling

Every time I see the words “brand storytelling” and read about its importance, I get butterflies in my stomach—not the good kind. And I’m a professional writer, so I can only imagine what it’s doing to marketers out there who don’t write for a living. Here are examples of the phrases that get me: “Content […]

Toyota Announces Virtual Holographic Singers “Mikuscape”

After a long silence, Toyota is ready to continue their Hatsune Miku x Corolla marketing campaign by rewarding fans who interact with Toyota marketing tools. Toyota has announced that they will be holding an event called … See on

How Much Data Is Created Every Minute? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wondered just how much data is funneled into the web? Check out the stats to learn the amount of data created across all of your favorite platforms. Google+ is noticeably missing from the bunch, but we’re kind of happy about that. It might be kind of embarrassing.

A perfect product tie-in

Snoop Dogg Pimps Rolling Papers With Smokable Book of LyricsSnoop Dogg is promoting his new line of Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers with a unique smokable book, created from rolling papers printed with his lyrics.

Brand Logos Redesigned for Hipsters

Brand Logos Redesigned for Hipsters. Any hipsters out there wanna comment?

Traitor Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is like that friend that accidentally wrecks you. Doesn’t mean to do it, but does it anyway. Doesn’t even know he’s doing it. Like, I’m sure they didn’t mean to ruin my life when they stopped carrying frozen pasta that micro…

In the name of a public service.

Katherine Heigl Hates Balls. Way to re-brand neutering.

4 Branding Lessons from The Kardashians

No matter what you think of them, the Kardashians have built a brand with powerful recognition. And it didn’t happen by magic. Let’s look at four ways their brand of brand management  works in the market today. Shrewd awakening. Sharp brand management by their business manager/mom, Kris Jenner, has helped put the brood at the […]

On social media, gratuitous violence, and how the 2010 Census impacts ethnic advertising

Veteran journalist Sandy Close, with a career that spans decades helping to give voice to those who don’t often get heard from, speaks about the importance of connection to create a more cosmopolitan view of the world. Very timely topics, considering how often we talk about connection in social media. Be sure to listen to […]

Video: 5 hot digital marketing trends

Watch these branding thought leaders discuss which digital marketing trends they’re following this year.

5 things I’ve learned doing Facebook marketing campaigns

5 things I’ve learned doing Facebook marketing campaigns

For the past couple of years, I’ve worked on several Facebook marketing campaigns for brands like Gevalia, Country Time Lemonade, The Peanuts (Countdown to The Great Pumpkin), and Organic Beauty Now. Here are a few tidbits I’ve picked up along the way: People love freebies. This is not news. Unless you’re a big-name brand, top […]

Can you control your brand when using affiliates?

Interesting insight from Ecoconsultancy: “Brands spend inordinate amounts of money in ensuring that they are communicating with their consumers in the correct way, spreading the right message and encouraging those customers to think about the brand in a positive way and transacting with them. Conversely, affiliates are not necessarily worried too much about what the […]

An Agency Devoted to Branding Beauty

These guys have a really interesting approach to the concept of branding beauty, including merchandising and product development. Intelligent Beauty, Inc. (tags: beauty branding) A Top Team Is Key to Growth – (tags: entrepreneurship management entrepreneur)

A Brand that Needs to Grow Up

Since I’m in the business of talking about brands, I’m going to pick on one now. It’s been infamous around this household since my daughter was born and has just won that distinction yet again. Hard to believe that a major brand like Toys R Us can make it so hard on the consumer and […]

Jimmy Wales on direct marketing vs. branding

The rathole of direct marketing, according to Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, via John Battelle, in an interview with AdRants. Quick copywriter synopsis: Wales says, because everything online is very measurable, we measure everything. Impressions, click-through rates, conversions. But traditional brand advertising has to be measurable in other more traditional ways, like consumer awareness. Because […]

Brand yourself like your life depends on it

When I was in high school, a movement had just begun. It became known simply as desktop publishing. Innocuous enough, but it changed everything. It essentially felled the walls that separated the professional from the amateur, the have’s from the have-not’s. Sure, it didn’t change everyone’s skill level. To this day, there are a lot […]

How to think and act like a marketing leader

No long walks on the beach for leaders Recently, a client asked what other companies are doing to differentiate their leadership and experience messaging beyond the usual “we’ve been in business for xx years, are an industry leader …”, etc. It’s a good question, as it’s easy to get trapped in your existing company rhetoric […]