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BlueSmart Baby Tracker Bottle and App

BlueSmart arrived to keep parents connected to their babies, even on the go. I wrote the website,  app  and packaging for the product launch.      

Use these subject line benchmarks for more email opens

Is your email subject line optimized for achieving the highest open rate for your given industry? Despite being way, way under the length of a tweet, the sparse subject line can make or break your campaign. Yes Lifecycle Marketing conducted extensive research to determine the parameters that increase the open rate, examining over 7 billion […]

5 Dos and Don’ts in Wine Packaging

When it comes to wine packaging, my good friends over at Lamfers & Associates offer these five tips on what to do and what not to do. 5 Dos and Don’ts in Wine Packaging

17 Copywriting Affirmations

When it comes to copywriting, you don’t need to say these things over and over again out loud, however, you do have to keep them in mind even before your fingers hit the keyboard. Begin writing with empathy. You have to care about your customers. People aren’t targets. They’re your audience. Even the most complex […]

How to evaluate a copywriter

If you’ve decided to outsource some or all of your marketing writing, you want to ensure that the copywriter—or writers—you hand your projects to are skilled at what they’re doing. Here are a few pointers to help guide you to finding the right writer. Pay attention to their emails. A good marketing writer should come […]

A taste of food marketing news

As a copywriter who works a fair amount in the food and beverage industries, I like to keep on top of the upcoming trends in the marketplace—and perhaps you’d like to do the same. So here’s a quick list of food marketing trends and topics in the news. Plus a few that you don’t want […]

Packaging before and after for PBfit

The situation By all accounts, BetterBody Foods, makers of renowned PBfit® Powdered Peanut Butter, is doing everything right. They have a reputable brand. Loyal customer following. Great product distribution. You name it. Yet they were ready for a brand change. That’s because they wanted to reach out to younger audiences who were ripe for the […]

How to Shake Analysis Paralysis

Facing indecision? Make sure you’re working with problem-solving collaborators and understand the process and the how-to business side. Sage words of advice from my friends at Lamfers & Associates. Here’s what they have to say: Indecision can be a big roadblock and I’d like to offer a few tips, from a design perspective, on how […]

3 situations when it’s time to call in a copywriter

If you’re a professional, no matter what your position, chances are you write more now than you ever have before. Emails. Social media. Blogs. Memos and reports. Analyses. The list goes on. You’re publishing all the time. And you may be good at it. You may even be great. Chances are, though, at some point […]

Five things I’ve learned as a packaging copywriter

Packaging copywriting is a specialty that combines the kind of sales copywriting experience you get writing direct marketing along with branding experience and point-of-purchase awareness. Plus a dash of regulatory knowledge. Plus a balance of long-form writing and brevity. Here are five insights I’ve gleaned from being a packaging copywriter for more than a decade. Present […]

Advice for freelance copywriters

Ready to strike out on your own as a freelance copywriter? The single biggest advantage you have is your network. Make sure everyone you know, especially everyone you’ve worked with, knows that you’re in the market for copywriting work. The more people who you’re in touch with about new business, the more chances you have […]

Creative without Strategy is called ‘Art’. Creative with Strategy is called ‘Advertising’.

Well said.

How to Turn Your Business Blog Readers Into Paying Customers

Interesting tips here, like adding in relevant testimonials and using your blog as a platform for hosting deals. How to Turn Your Business Blog Readers Into Paying Customers

Can you hear what I hear?

Copywriters–well, at least this copywriter–can be affected by ambient sounds while working. That’s especially true of music. I find myself unable to listen to anything with lyrics while I write. Even chorales or vocal sounds can distract my attention while working, and coming up with something pithy that sells your product is challenging enough. So none […]

The future of digital advertising: Ads that look back

Billboards that watch you back aren’t just the stuff of science fiction. Columnist Alan K’necht takes a look at the technologies that are transforming digital advertising. Sourced through from: See on – Advertising, I say

Amazing – Coca Cola Creates First Ever Drinkable Advertising Campaign

Coca Cola Creates First Ever Drinkable Advertising Campaign Website : Facebook : Twitter Sourced through from: I like the virtual straw. It’s ripe to be abused. See on – Advertising, I say

The World’s Most Expensive-looking Font Might Surprise You

“bold typefaces with rounder terminals appear cheaper, whereas lighter weights, serifs, and contrasts are rated appear more expensive, with the modern Didot selected as the diamond of all fonts.We speak with typography designers about their thoughts on typography and cost, and whether there are certain font characteristics associated with luxury. Sourced through from: “…bold […]

How to Draw Big Attention with a One-off Effort | Lamfers & Associates

Think  Sourced through from: Think of how Google plays with their logo and you’ll know immediately what they mean by bending your brand without breaking it.  See on – Advertising, I say

Big Drop in Chemical Levels in Girls Who Switched Cosmetics

UC Berkeley study finds that girls who switched for just three days to cosmetics labelled free of certain chemicals saw a significant drop. Sourced through from: See on – Advertising, I say

Interview with a copywriter

What’s your favorite type of project to work on? Anything with elegant design and the ability to work conceptually. I’ve done a million websites but The Divining Rod Wine is my favorite recently because it’s gorgeous and they really wanted to stretch the writing. The tone is very different. I mean, how many wine websites […]

How GE’s “Unimpossible Missions” Captures the Art of the Story

GE and their agency BBDO capture the “why” – why they do what they do, and “what” they as a company do in a very simple, yet dramatic way.This post was authored by TopRight Partner Bill Fasig, Master Storyteller at TopRight Partners.  As someone who is passionate about—as well as committed to—the power and efficacy […]

17 stock headlines you can use right now

writing stock headlines

Here are 17 stock writing headlines that you can pair with your favorite stock photos to create a campaign in no time. 5 tips to boost your (job title) success in just (#) minutes What never to do while you’re [verb]ing Stop (verb)ing in just (#) days Start (verb)ing in just (#) days The (#) steps […]

Stock Copywriting

As a writer, I’ve always envied the relative ease with which photographers, designers and graphic artists could browse libraries of ready-made images and illustrations, just waiting to be abused. Ah, stock images! Beloved by those with limited budgets and those who’d rather spend their money on other things, such as the monthly company birthday cake or […]