Packaging before and after for PBfit

The situation By all accounts, BetterBody Foods, makers of renowned PBfit® Powdered Peanut Butter, is doing everything right. They have a reputable brand. Loyal customer following. Great product distribution. You name it. Yet they were ready for a brand change. That’s because they wanted to reach out to younger audiences who were ripe for the […]

Stop selling Millennials

Millennials are people. Don’t just tick off a list of marketing terms. “Market with them not at them” doesn’t mean anything. Here’s how to show them respect.

Millennials, Mobile & The Future of Financial Marketing – The Financial Brand

They don’t go into bank branches. They use mobile phones (duh!). They want secure, easy-to-use mobile financial apps. They’ll even change banks if your app sucks on either score. OK, that’s the summary. Now, from my article on why you should stop selling millennials, go find something you like to do that dovetails with what millennials […]

Email remains the best digital channel for ROI

See on – Advertising, I say As with many things in digital, there’s always someone proclaiming the imminent death of email.   Karen Goldfarb Copywriter‘s insight: “…email marketing was ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of companies rating the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.” Love it or […]

10 Reasons Marketers And The C-Suite Must Become ‘Habit Experts’ – Forbes

See on – Advertising, I say 10 Reasons Marketers And The C-Suite Must Become ‘Habit Experts’ Forbes This article is by Marsha Lindsay, CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, a Madison, Wisc.-based brand marketing firm that in May hosts an annual event called Brandworks University. See on

To Engage the Affluent, Treat Them As You Do Your Kids

See on – Advertising, I say Treat Them As You Do Your Kids – 02/15/2013   Karen Goldfarb Copywriter‘s insight: “Kids personify mankind’s most primal desires; the majority of which center on feeling rewarded, special, unique and superior. This same mentality drives affluents to secure the best job and home, and more and more […]

How To Create Powerful InfoProducts—And Why Focusing on “One Concept” Helps Create A Winning Product

See on – Advertising, I say How do you choose the ONE CONCEPT for your next info product? And what can cartooning teach you?   Karen Goldfarb Copywriter‘s insight: It’s the key promise, y’all. See on

Great Video for Convincing Your Boss to Care About Social Media

See on – Advertising, I say How is social media truly impacting businesses today? Why are many of the world’s top brands—like Pepsi, Virgin, NHL, and American Express—now embracing it company-wide?I was   Karen Goldfarb Copywriter‘s insight: “It’s not about B2B or B2C. It’s about P2P. People to people.” See on

How to test your marketing message

You can spend a lot of time and money putting together a marketing strategy and a marketing message, only to get less-than-stellar results. Happens all the time. And if it’s happened to you, consider this technique for testing your marketing message. Any good marketing strategy should include testing. I say this to clients all the […]

Five Reasons For Marketers To Be Thankful – Forbes

See on – Advertising, I say Five Reasons For Marketers To Be ThankfulForbesAs the marketing revolution barrels ahead, I know at times, many marketers feel like modern-day explorers, apprehensively setting foot in a new and foreboding landscape. See on

B2B Content for Customer Retention Tells a Different Story

See on – Advertising, I say Customer retention calls for a different content strategy   SUMMARY: B2B marketers are paying more attention to customer retention and should adjust their campaigns to that specific purpose, Ardath Albee writes. Content marketing should encourage the embrace and use of the purchased product, and help customers find more […]

7 Steps To A Brilliant B2B Marketing Plan

See on – Advertising, I say An Infographic showing the latest research on how companies are using inbound marketing and digital marketing with advice on key issues to think through at each step which are relevant to all involved in inbound and content marketing. The results across different studies show that while many companies […]

“Shiny Object Syndrome,” The Modern Marketer’s Nemesis

See on – Advertising, I say Getting the basics right can mean millions of dollars in growth or savings. Unfortunately many marketers spend too much time chasing after “shiny objects” – sexy fun experiments like cool apps or fun YouTube videos. See on

What is your agency doing to meet the escalating demands for digital?

See on – Advertising, I say Rising to meet the escalating demands for digital, a lot of agencies are now requiring that almost all of their employees develop digital skills.     Traditional agencies should know that digital training is critical to their success. The larger agencies are now rising to meet the escalating […]

“Until 40 percent off, ‘the customer doesn’t even pay attention.’” Amen.

Retailers Rush to Adjust to Price-Smart Shoppers. As power shifts to consumers, propelled by the Internet and apps, many stores are scrambling to move beyond the time-worn cycle of markups and discounts — and still make money.

An Argument Against the Usefulness of QR Codes

We’ve been talking about QR codes—those slightly out-of-focus, black-and-white squares—for several years now. “Conceptually, this is neat,” writes Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic. “People who are looking at paper but connected to the Internet via their phones can combine the two in one seamless experience.” We see QR Codes everywhere—but do we use them? Not really.

People trust people

The latest edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer study just came out showing CEOs in the dog house when it comes to being trusted. Who do people trust? Academic and tech experts, sure. But the biggest movers in the study are “a person just like me” and “regular employee.” Look at your 2012…

Taking you to the cleaners

OK, admittedly this is a potshot at a local business, which is kind of uncool, but I’m taking it. How do you create an offer that doesn’t expire and then call it “limited time?” I mean, yeah, time is limited. The sun’s gonna go out. An asteroid’s gonna hit the earth. There’s that whole 2012 […]

OK, social media, I get it

After running a Facebook page for a couple of months (for a band, no less), I’ve finally got a tenuous handle on what this thing is all about. It’s mostly like hosting a party 24/7 for a group of people who’ve had a couple of drinks so that they’re socially lubricated and ready and willing […]

7 ways the iPad2 affects marketing

7 Things To Know About iPad2 Of the seven new features covered here, it seems like the Gyroscope will have the most impact on marketing as there are myriad ways to use it to deepen a marketing experience. For example, imagine a brand sponsors a citywide treasure hunt where you use your iPad2 to collect […]

TOWS vs. SWOT: How to stop navel-gazing and dominate the market

Most marketers know the SWOT Analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. It’s a comfortable way to analyze a business or marketing plan. The problem is, it’s also a way to stare in the mirror and see only what you want to see. “These are our strengths. These are our weaknesses” misses out on […]

5 weird, wacky and bizarre offers that work

We’re all familiar with the promotional offers that have proven themselves to engage audiences and increase response rate over the years. Most of them are probably in your mailbox or inbox right now. But what you may not have seen are the weirder, wackier, and more outlandish versions of these offers that companies and individuals […]

How to get the (good) dirt on the competition

In business? So’s your competition. Here’s how to find out what they’re up to. First, identify you main competitors. You probably already know who they are, but it’s good to put a list together on paper or screen. Direct competitors. Consider whether they’re competing with you on price or strategy. For example, if you’re Lowes, […]

Improve your social networking with virtual ethnography

Social networking is all about niches and groups of people that happen to be online rather than in (callback term!) meatspace. Instead of hovering around the water cooler, we’re hanging out at Café World. Of course, marketers like me (and you) who are constantly working to understand our clients’ target audiences need to understand the […]