Video: Creativity in Business

Greg Ballard, CEO & President of Glu Mobile, gives an overview of why a successful business needs creativity in all areas of its operations.

Kotex reveals why tampon commercials are so annoying

We have reached a time in society where brands actually use their marketing strategy as the script for commercials and deliver phrases like “I’m a believably attractive 18-24 year-old female” and “you can relate to me because I’m racially ambiguous” directly to consumers. It’s like an exercise in sociological analysis, except that it’s a commercial […]

16 B2B social media case studies

Facebook | 5 B2B Social Media Success Stories (tags: b2b socialmedia casestudies) 5 Surprising Social Media Business Success Stories (tags: b2b socialmedia casestudies) {grow} » A fascinating B2B social media success story (tags: b2b socialmedia casestudies) Examples of Successful B2B Social Media Marketing – Online Marketing Blog (tags: b2b socialmedia casestudies)

Landing pages: your secret conversion weapon

I’m glad Duct Tape Marketing wrote about this because it saved me the trouble. I was just having a conversation today about the very topic of landing pages, how they affect conversion, and how important (and easy!) it is to at least do A/B testing to see what works. By way of example, I have […]

The Social Profile Interactive Tool

If you want insight into the people you’re marketing to, talking to and writing for, you know how personas, aka “buyer personas” can be a valuable tool for understanding. Now, via Duct Tape Marketing, comes another tool designed to give you a leg up on understanding various personality types found specifically online. Email service provider […]

Marketing lessons from the Grateful Dead

I’ll readily admit that I was a deadhead for a brief, shining, brief, (did I mention it was brief?) time in college. As a marketer, I’m ashamed to say I never saw this book angle coming though: Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead A longtime fan of the Dead, David Meerman Scott co-wrote the book […]

Over half of opened emails deleted within two seconds: study

According to Ecoconsultancy, the bad news about email is this: over half (51%) of the emails that were opened were deleted within two seconds. And, as they surmise, it’s not totally surprising. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was trained as a fledlging direct marketing copywriter to envision the reader of traditional direct […]

Direct marketing testing vs. social marketing testing

Throughout the ages, savvy direct marketers have used testing strategies to refine their marketing efforts and boost results. In fact, even as a fledgling copywriter, I used to tell clients that if you’re going in the mail, you should be testing something. That’s because the market will tell you what it likes. Offer A vs. […]

Taking your brand mobile

You’ve worked hard to create a meaningful, engaging website for your audience. You’ve carefully thought through the content, the actions your audience will take, what results you want your website to have. You’ve developed an online experience that reflects your brand and extends your in-store experience. You’ve tested your site on various desktop- and laptop-sized […]

Crafting the CEO buyer persona

Crisis And The Ceo (tags: ceo, buyer_persona) Ceo Liabilities From Hr Perspective (tags: ceo, buyer_personas) 2010 Global CEO Survey Report: Business and regulatory reform: PwC (tags: ceo, buyer_personas) CEO Concerns and implications for supply Chain Trends (tags: ceo, buyer_personas)

Create a marketing plan you’ll actually use

Want to improve your marketing? Write a marketing plan you’ll actually use day in, day out to achieve your business goals. Here’s how to develop a marketing plan exactly like that: Unlearn what you know about marketing plans. Common marketing plan wisdom says: “Shiny is good. Formatting is good. Clever deployment is good.” Instead, successful […]

The Insomnia Marketing Strategy

Psychographics marketing strategy, aka, marketing via insomnia

Before you read this thinking you’re going to hear a lot about Lunestra and prescription sleep enhancers, know that this is not what I’m talking about. What I mean instead is tapping into your customer’s negative zeitgeist. Aka, what keeps them up at night? Anyone worth their weight in salt has had nights where professional […]

Why brands fail at social marketing

Branding used to be about solidifying your message and communicating that message consistently in the marketplace. The intended result was that your audience could parrot back to you your own message (“Coke is it”, “Have you driven a Ford lately?” – we can all quote brand messages) and you’d be locked in their mind when […]

Porter’s Five Forces: Tipping the Balance of Power in Any Business Situation

No matter which industry your business is in, you can assess the forces that influence your business, including its strengths and weaknesses, using this set of five Market Forces, in order to leapfrog over your competition by better understanding the industry you and your rivals operate in. Created by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter […]

User Experience Copywriter Evaluates 7 Public Restrooms

I’ve got a strange fascination with public bathrooms. Perhaps it’s because they’re like churches. They’re all set up to do basically the same thing, which leaves a wide spectrum for aesthetic choice. Plus most people only want to be in one as long as is absolutely necessary. So I decided to use my skills as […]

21 tips for creating buyer personas

What the heck is a buyer persona and why does it matter? Basically, a buyer persona is to your marketing, sales and communications strategy what a mannequin is to clothing. It gives you a model to base your decisions on. Personas are short descriptions or biographies of fictitious, archetypical customers—or more accurately, prospective customers. The […]

The Consumer’s Dilemma

Facing a personal purchase decision of import, I found myself staring down the very same consumer’s dilemma posed here by Financial Editor Joseph Lazzaro for BloggingStocks. To save or not to save? Here’s what one economist forecast. What would make the strongest case for a large fiscal stimulus package – – upwards of $1 trillion […]

Scribd as a Resource for Marketing Research

Scribd (tags: sharing web2.0 research consumer_research)

5 marketing megatrends you can’t ignore

This is a fascinating article about marketing megatrends by my friend Adam Kleinberg, CEO of Traction. Our society is undergoing massive fundamental transitions. Learn how these forward-thinking brands seized the underlying marketing opportunities. Article Highlights Savvy marketers are recognizing the impact of mass collaboration and constant connectivity The broader trends of globalization and corporate distrust […]

Social Media Advisor for Gap Presents Results from Twitter & Facebook

I had the privilege of hoodwinking Robin Frank, Social Media Advisor for Gap Inc. among others, into speaking on a panel of social media pundits, at the first meeting of the Marin County chapter of Women In Consulting. At this fascinating presentation, Robin discussed strategies including engaging consumers by being more than a “coupon channel”and […]

5 steps to going viral on Twitter

This is a fascinating article by Copyblogger writer Dan Zarella on going viral on Twitter. In it, he susses out some particulars such as best time of day to retweet, why the word “please” is important, etc. As a copywriter, I’m pleased that some of it is good old fashioned direct marketing, such as the […]

6 questions to define creative strategy

Common-sense tips from a graphic designer that apply to us copywriters, marketing strategists and business folks too… Six Questions to Define Creative Strategy Tips to speed and improve creative design results. By Susan Sharman, Sharman Studios As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time trying to explain the creative process. How do I […]

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe on lamb castration, PETA, and the war on American labor

Drawing on his experiences picking up roadkill, feeding swine, and castrating a lamb with his teeth, Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, discusses how modern American culture belittles necessary labor. And, as he points out, not only is the labor these people do necessary, but many of the people doing it are actually–wait […]

Romanelli plays matchmaker for Credit Union

In my continuing effort as a copywriter and marketing strategist to bring you tales of marketing success in The Current Economy, regardless of whether or not I had anything to do with them, here’s guest-blogger Bernie Freytag, Creative Director at Romanelli Communications. Bernie will tell you about how this “lean, agile, flexible and focused” agency […]