PHH Arval Brand Launch

Thirty years ago, there were more than 300 fleet management companies in the US. Today, it’s down to 10, vying for the same customers. And the second largest player, PHH Arval, was facing monumental challenges.

Their competition was badmouthing them after a failed merger with GE. When they finally responded, their messaging was inconsistent. This left employees frustrated, and customers scratching their heads. What’s more, PHH was clinging to a story of industry firsts in a marketplace that had caught up to them technologically.

Universal Mind website writer

A B2B technology “digital solutions firm,” Universal Mind does mobile and web-based applications, HTML5, iOS, responsive web, enterprise solutions and cutting-edge technologies. So as their website and case study copywriter for three years, I did too.

Divining Rod Wine website writer

To encourage Millennials to explore Divining Rod wines, I wrote a website for agency KAI2 (great folks!) that talks as much about hub caps, giant green fiberglass dinosaurs, “sad irons” and defying gravity as it does about wine. All in a day’s work for this writer.

Blue Shield “Gold Stars” TV Spot

I created the concept and wrote the script for this TV ad for Blue Shield.

ZoneAlarm ForceField microsite

When ZoneAlarm launched ForceField, it was the first security solution that enabled you to log on from any computer and be protected. The challenge? Convince people who already owned security software to buy more protection. We created a digital brand experience that illustrated the complex technology that powered ForceField using the idea of stunt doubles.

Luxury travel writer for Mountain Travel Sobek

I was a luxury travel writer and marketing strategist for Mountain Travel Sobek, one of the originators of luxury adventure travel. This is geared towards families of means who prefer active vacations, so affluent women 40-50 are the target, as they do most of the travel planning.

Copywriter script for Venture Card

I had the pleasure of writing a script for one of my favorite actors, Alec Baldwin. Alec was spokesman for a campaign by Capital One for their Venture Card, called the Venture Match My Miles Challenge.  

Evoz Baby Monitor website

For parents who want to geek out (and I’m one of them), Evoz provides a new way to stay connected to your baby, whether you’re walking in your garden or working in another country. I was copywriter for the original beta website.

TRESemme print ad

While working as a beauty copywriter for agency Carat, I was part of the team that pitched and won this mainstay brand of haircare products. Our concepts focused on engaging women on their terms at all touch points so that TRESemmé could enable them to be the Best Tressed. I was copywriter.

Red Lobster website

Copywriter and ACD on Red Lobster website, banner advertising, rich media, newsletter and direct email campaigns.

Lipton Tea website

After Lipton chose the concept “Tea Can Do That” from advertising agency JWT, we were tasked with translating it to the website. The execution was a concept I developed showing all the “that’s” Lipton Tea can do.

Revlon Haircolor

Revlon wanted to romance color and educate about hair and its properties. I was copywriter for the site.

Flip My Books launch

This social networking initiative encourages college students to bypass the expensive campus bookstore in favor of buying, borrowing or bartering used textbooks with other students. I was copywriter for all brand elements, including the website, Facebook page, and the movie.

Healthcare Brand Launch

We developed and launched this social networking initiative to engage with people who are about to be or are newly retired. The brand includes the website, print advertising, point-of-purchase ads, brochures, direct marketing, and the book.

Challenge Butter TV spot

While the client eventually settled on a traditional direction for the spot, which featured beautiful shots of butter flowing down corncobs and melting into English muffins, I did present them with an alternative very different from the norm for food and beverage advertising. Called “Natural Phenomenon,” it highlighted one of the client’s main differentiators: being […]

Miraval Resorts brand launch

I was copywriter and brand marketing strategist on the launch of this world-renowned spa in Tuscon, AZ. Most of the work was done while there were still bulldozers on the property and none of the rooms were finished. Sometimes we’re not just creatives, we’re illusionists.

Gallo Salame TV spot

As an advertising copywriter, I lead two creative teams developing TV ads for Gallo Salame. As anyone writing for the food and beverage market knows, it’s not a proper TV spot unless you feature beautiful shots of the food or the beverage. ‘Nuff said. Yet in this case, we also wanted to highlight Gallo’s differentiation […]

SPCA Outdoor

SPCA outdoor Bronz Addy winner copywriter

Our challenge was not only to build awareness for the new Oakland facility and its services, but to dispel the perception that S-P-C-A spells “The Pound.” This campaign won a Bronze Addy for outdoor and achieved these results: * 45% increase in dog training enrollment * 30% increase in spay/neuter appointments * 25% increase in […]

Gevalia Gift Matcher Facebook App

The Gevalia Gift Matcher is a six-degrees-of-separation Facebook app that uses your Facebook likes, such as movies, actors and music, to give you recommendations on the perfect Gevalia coffee or tea gift for you or your friends. Gathering information from multiple data sources like Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, Amazon, and Wikipedia, we created a personalized gift […]

Countdown to the Great Pumpkin Social Media Game

The PEANUTS Countdown to The Great Pumpkin game lived on Facebook and on its own website, challenging people to do tasks, updates, answer trivia questions and play games daily for points. Winner got a very lovely iPad with PEANUTS content on it. Needless to say, when you’ve got a great brand and a great offer, […]

Salesforce Integrated Campaign

This project for Salesforce featured an expandable rich media banner, an interactive CD presentation, plus offline printed materials. I was copywriter.

SAP Service-Oriented Architecture Interactive Presentation

To detail an intricate B2B enterprise software story such as service-oriented architecture, it helps to have a simple concept. That’s ultimately what sold SAP on the straightforward metaphor of using a whiteboard presentation for this story of SOA. It’s an elegant way to tell the story without getting in the way of the detail. I […]

SAP and Cisco Conference Opening Video

I wrote the script for this video which was the cornerstone of the announcement of a new partnership between tech giants, Cisco and SAP. It was shown before the keynote speech to an audience of 18,000 at the Cisco Global Sales Conference in August of 2007.

Apple Rethink Direct Marketing

I know talking about working on Apple is like breaking the first rule of Fight Club, but so what. Here’s an example of direct marketing copy writing I did for Apple Education.