5 disturbing characteristics of a DM copywriter

Copywriters beware. If you’re reading this thinking you’re going to get lessons on copywriting, you won’t. See my earlier post about why this copywriter won’t write about copywriting.

Instead, I’m going to give you a quick peek into the (potentially alarming) psyche of your DM copywriter:

  1. We study you. Constantly. Always. Looking for what makes you tick, what it takes to get you to do what “we” (aka, our clients) want. In the nicest possible, most constructive way, of course. And you means you. Because everyone is our target audience, some way, somehow. Including you.
  2. We crave offers. Not just those you make to us (although those are fantastic), but those we can make to your audience. Because a good offer makes it about 80 trillion times easier to get them to take the action you want them to take. Which makes our job 80 trillion times easier. Period.
  3. We’re always selling. Selling is in a DM copywriter’s blood. We’re always looking at the angles, figuring out the opportunities. In every brainstorm session, every meeting, on the phone, and in day-to-day life. Doesn’t matter where or when. In fact, if I truly billed you for all the time I think about your business, you wouldn’t be able to afford me. Because I’m always thinking about your business, and how to get you more. A DM copywriter can’t help it.
  4. We can be pushy. I recently wrote a direct email for a client that got a 6% open rate (hooray!) but a .2% conversion (sadness!). The client asked me for a rewrite and I wrote not one, not two, but three distinctly new drafts, then pushed them to test at least two, which they’re doing. We will push you to test. Why? See #5.
  5. We see it all as a game. Which is a good thing, because people who like to play games like to win. Any DM copywriter worth her salt wants to get or beat the metrics you set. We want to win. Which means you win.

If you’re looking for a DM copywriter and can live with these peculiarities, you’ll find yourself in good company. Or at least, in the company of someone who can help you get success.