How did a copywriter pick her client’s top-selling product?

When you think of a copywriter, you think of someone who puts words on a page. Someone who comes up with creative ideas for selling your product. Not someone who actually picks your biggest selling product of the season.

And let’s face it, I didn’t expect to be in a position to be advising anyone on which products to stock.

But over the course of two years, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of the Organic Beauty Now brand from idea to full-fledged online retailer of organic beauty products.

That meant delving into a new industry and applying strategic skills as well as copywriting chops to a bi-weekly blog on organic beauty products. It also meant wearing lots of hats, not the least of which was assisting in product evaluation.

As a marketer, I’m trained to look for the differentiator in any situation. It’s in my blood.

So when I saw my own daughter, whose love of the pretty little bangles and baubles of Claire’s, home to beauty accessories galore for tweens, had turned to their new makeup kits, I got curious on several fronts.

First, I looked at the ingredients, as anyone who knows organics would do. Sure enough, I spotted several on the no-no list.

Immediately after, I wondered, do moms know there are cancer-causing ingredients in this stuff? (I bet they didn’t.) And if, like me, they were horrified at the prospect, would they be able to find an organic play makeup alternative? Did one even exist?

So with a few hunches in hand, I did what any good consumer and marketer does. Market research.

I started with our competitors. Nope, no one carried anything for kids other than shampoos, soaps and toothpastes.

Then I looked for organic play makeup altogether. Turns out, almost no one made organic play makeup for kids. Almost. There was one little-known wholesaler who made a cute little 5-piece kit.


With a swift decision to stock it right before the holidays, plus a strong outreach campaign to mom-centric blogs and move to put some of our PPC dollars into focusing on the kit, we sold out. Three times over.

The organic play makeup kit was our hottest-selling item of the 2010 holiday season and remains one of the company’s biggest-selling items to date.

So, if you hire me, will I pick your next big seller? Maybe. (I’d love to try!) More to the point, I’m always thinking about your business, not just when my hands are on the keyboard. So contact me if you want a copywriter who’ll do more for you than just put words on the page.