Romanelli plays matchmaker for Credit Union

romanelliIn my continuing effort as a copywriter and marketing strategist to bring you tales of marketing success in The Current Economy, regardless of whether or not I had anything to do with them, here’s guest-blogger Bernie Freytag, Creative Director at Romanelli Communications. Bernie will tell you about how this “lean, agile, flexible and focused” agency on the East Coast is helping their clients weather these lean times. Even (gasp!) banks.

First Source—Single, Attractive Credit Union Seeks…

In an age of distrust of all things associated with banking and finance, Romanelli Communications has taken a unique approach to help client First Source Federal Credit Union beat the economic odds. By focusing on relationships, sincerity and trust, Romanelli has helped strengthen the connection between First Source and its Members, while simultaneously offering a refuge for new Members who have grown skeptical of the banking industry in general. This is the rare institution that lives up to its promise: Representatives are friendly, helpful, and greet frequent visitors by name. When Members offer opinions, First Source listens and adds or changes services. Members love their “personal touch” approach to service, and Romanelli has helped them carry that brand into the marketplace beginning with their new tagline, “You’re First.”

First Source sparks potential Members’ imaginations with promises of a better relationship. From brochures to Member interaction, from television to branch and website design, all of their messages convey their personal, humanizing approach. They make better relationships with their Members.

First Source saw its revenue rise dramatically in what was considered a recession market. Loans are up 6%, Membership is up 5%, assets have grown 21%, and they’ve just opened a new branch, all in an economic recession. They’ve added services and improved infrastructure, further strengthening their brand, and the biggest current management challenge is controlling growth. The love is spreading.

Speaking of which, if you’ve got a marketing strategy success story to tell, please help this copywriter spread the love. We can all use more success stories.