Kotex reveals why tampon commercials are so annoying

We have reached a time in society where brands actually use their marketing strategy as the script for commercials and deliver phrases like “I’m a believably attractive 18-24 year-old female” and “you can relate to me because I’m racially ambiguous” directly to consumers. It’s like an exercise in sociological analysis, except that it’s a commercial trying to sell you tampons, not unlike the Old Spice Guy’s outlandish situational fantasies which are trying to sell you deodorant.

Do they work? Not entirely, if by work we mean generate revenue. But the real question for me is, what does an approach like this do to the psyche of the customer? Does it make you like Kotex more because they’re “honest?” Does it make you feel like the brand “gets you?” Me, I’m too close to it, too much of an industry insider. So if you’re a racially ambiguous, believably attractive 18-24 year-old female, watch the video and let me know.