Lead generation and Loch Ness

Loch NessLeviathan. The Loch Ness Monster. The Kraken. The Devil Fish. What do these infamous sea monsters have in common with leads?

For one, there’s certainly a lot of mythology about them. After all, do these creatures really exist?

The answer is yes, some of them do. Leviathan may have been a blue whale. The Kraken is what we now know as the giant squid. The Devil Fish came to be known as the manta ray.

Of course, it’s easy to mistake the myth for the real thing. You see a lot of commotion in the waters these days. Surely, like sea monsters, your leads are out there. But where? And how do you cast a net that pulls them in?

Studies show that advertising still motivates half of all purchasing decisions. Advertising is one of the best tactics for generating leads that you can deploy–even now, when the market is down. Because while it seems like there are fewer fish, there are also fewer competitors casting their nets.

Advertising can also get you word of mouth. You’ve probably seen ancient mariner maps with ominous drawings of sea monsters in the open ocean. Interestingly, ocean exploring began in earnest in the 15th century. A mere 100 years later, all marine maps depicted these terrifying sea creatures. That’s a short time for word of mouth to spread in a world without email. So imagine what advertising using today’s techniques, such as direct marketing, advertising, and social networking can do to generate leads for your business.

So, when you’re fishing for leads, here are a few tips for creating an advertising campaign that brings you a return on investment:

•Place ads in the most targeted publications that your target market reads.
•Consider inexpensive ads in email newsletters and web sites that your target market reads.
•Use direct response advertising techniques. ALWAYS ask the reader to respond for more information by phone, mail or via your website.
•Be proactive. Know your sales cycle and create a system of follow-up to get maximum results from your advertising dollar.
•Use compelling headlines that highlight the biggest benefit your product or service offers.
•Make them an offer that they can’t refuse so they’ll take the action you want them to take.

Good fishing. And if you see Nessie, let us know whether she’s a plesiosaur or a basking shark. Those are the two main contenders.

Need help casting your net? Email me and we’ll venture out onto the waves together.