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Use these subject line benchmarks for more email opens

Is your email subject line optimized for achieving the highest open rate for your given industry? Despite being way, way under the length of a tweet, the sparse subject line can make or break your campaign. Yes Lifecycle Marketing conducted extensive research to determine the parameters that increase the open rate, examining over 7 billion […]

17 Copywriting Affirmations

When it comes to copywriting, you don’t need to say these things over and over again out loud, however, you do have to keep them in mind even before your fingers hit the keyboard. Begin writing with empathy. You have to care about your customers. People aren’t targets. They’re your audience. Even the most complex […]

How Bewitched turned me into a copywriter

In my household, we sometimes debate the merits of science fiction vs. fantasy. (You’ve got a copywriter and a composer living under one roof so stuff like this comes up.) To make matters worse, I study people and their motivations, even my own. So it’s not surprising that I can now come clean and pin my […]

Paul Venables, on Asking for the Toughest Jobs

The founder of a San Francisco advertising agency says he would advise college graduates starting a career to volunteer for a task their boss hates.   Karen Goldfarb Copywriter‘s insight: Sounds like I should’ve gotten a golden toilet elsewhere. See on

Copywriter script for Venture Card

I had the pleasure of writing a script for one of my favorite actors, Alec Baldwin. Alec was spokesman for a campaign by Capital One for their Venture Card, called the Venture Match My Miles Challenge.  

The Creative Services Manager’s Conflict Resolution Wheel

In any field, there’s bound to be conflict, and in advertising, the Creative Services Manager is bound to witness most of it. So why not give this handy tool to your favorite fulcrum? I’m talking about the Creative Services Manager, that person in the middle of the storm who tries to balance creative egos against […]

Ads Worth Spreading: See The 10 Most World-Changing Ads, According To TED

See on – Advertising, I say Communicating on behalf of a brand can be tricky business. A decent idea once passed through the brand’s filter and massaged and molded to hit key messaging targets can come out the other side a shell of its possible self. See on

10 brand case studies from The US Corporate Social Media Summit

See on – Advertising, I say 10 great social media case studies from Rohit Bhargava’s blog influential marKeting -A must read for any serious social media strategist … See on

Writing email subject lines: 3 keys to rock your open rate

Writing email subject lines that compel readers to open your emails isn’t rocket science. Just follow these 3 keys to create winning email subject lines.

Why writing ads is like diapering a water tank

This fabulous quote about writing ads is from noted copywriter and advertising executive Philip Dusenberry, who chaired BBDO and was responsible for the famed Pepsi tagline, The Choice of a New Generation. It’s funny, but it also points out an interesting notion about what’s required when writing ads. Let’s compare your typical ad to an average […]

Nobody reads ads

Copywriting typos and why we don’t see them

Copywriting means typos and here's why

Even the most vigilant copywriting means making typos. And sometimes, those typos get published. Some are hilarious, some are just downright embarrassing. But all are due to the fact that we see what we expect to see. Seeing copywriting that isn’t there The reason we miss typos is that we look for what writing is […]

Copywriting for real estate advertising

Real estate writing for Mission Bay ad

Copywriting for real estate advertising isn’t that different from copywriting for any other type of product. But it’s probably most similar to copywriting for automotive advertising. Put your audience inside the product. Writing for any product requires the copywriter to identify with the audience. You need to understand what motivates them, what gets to them […]

The Four Species of Imagination

The four species of imagination, shared by copywriter Karen Goldfarb

There are Four Species of Imagination – the experimental, the visionary, the intuitive and the calculative, as demonstrated in the work of major innovators of the 20th century. This infographic shows how they map out. That said, are there really only four? Seems like an instant oversimplification. Although infographics tend to have to find ways […]

John Cleese on creativity and comments from a copywriter

John Cleese on creativity and copywriter comments

As a copywriter, I’ve often wondered where creativity comes from, and even more so, how to tap into it and “package” it, for lack of a better term. After all, when you work professionally as a creative, clients are essentially paying you to be creative on demand. And on deadline. Sure, some copywriters and art […]

Diversity in Advertising – the film

See on – Advertising, I say Diversity in Advertising’ asks the men and women behind some of the best adverts in the world why there’s a dearth of black and ethnic minorities working in the industry, and what we can all do to change it. We also examine how a diversity of different ages, […]

7 Steps To A Brilliant B2B Marketing Plan

See on – Advertising, I say An Infographic showing the latest research on how companies are using inbound marketing and digital marketing with advice on key issues to think through at each step which are relevant to all involved in inbound and content marketing. The results across different studies show that while many companies […]

Simple Guide To Branding Your Small Business [Infographic]

See on – Advertising, I say Need help branding your small business? This simple guide helps you with 6 key suggestions that might make your success a whole lot easier & faster. See on

[How to] Write the Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

See on – Advertising, I say Just add copywriting. See on

An Inconvenient Truth For Copywriters: How To Write Headlines And Why Your Career Depends On It | articles

See on – Advertising, I say Hello, young copywriter. I am here today to tell you that you are a member of an endangered species. I’m very sorry, but it’s true. See on

Why Copywriting is the Litmus Test of Your Online Marketing …

See on – Advertising, I say Online marketing requires considerable planning, especially to those promoting a service. Service business owners and independent professionals face multiple challenges of promoting themselves as well as communicating … See on

How Great Direct Mail Helps a Retailer Win Back Customers | Smart Marketing Strategy

See on – Advertising, I say A direct marketing success story: How Chico’s, women’s retailer, got customer win-back direct mail right and 6 lessons for a smart marketing strategy. See on

How These Two Barstools Will Help You Write Your Greatest Copy

See on – Advertising, I say “If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use… See on

What is your agency doing to meet the escalating demands for digital?

See on – Advertising, I say Rising to meet the escalating demands for digital, a lot of agencies are now requiring that almost all of their employees develop digital skills.     Traditional agencies should know that digital training is critical to their success. The larger agencies are now rising to meet the escalating […]