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The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations

Lead generation and Loch Ness

Leviathan. The Loch Ness Monster. The Kraken. The Devil Fish. What do these infamous sea monsters have in common with leads? For one, there’s certainly a lot of mythology about them. After all, do these creatures really exist? The answer is yes, some of them do. Leviathan may have been a blue whale. The Kraken […]

Brand yourself like your life depends on it

When I was in high school, a movement had just begun. It became known simply as desktop publishing. Innocuous enough, but it changed everything. It essentially felled the walls that separated the professional from the amateur, the have’s from the have-not’s. Sure, it didn’t change everyone’s skill level. To this day, there are a lot […]

7 superior alternatives to Google Adwords

Seven is indeed a lucky number so here are seven tips on selling more, but with a twist. This one is from an unusual source. Tammy Kahn Fennell runs, a site devoted to selling antiques. Here’s what she says has worked for her when she needed to find ways that outperformed Google Adwords. Looks […]

7 and-a-half tips to start social networking

1. Get on Twitter. 2. Try Twitter Advanced Search to plug in keywords that apply to your business, ideas and interests. (You can even get an RSS feed as new tweets come in with your chosen terms. Personally, I prefer Tweetdeck as it creates columns with your searches in a nice interface and keeps updating […]

Bank advertising takes disaster head on

Get eaten alive, still earn interest You wouldn’t expect armageddon to be a topic most banks would pick up on for an ad campaign. But with the help of YR Lima, Banco Financiero has stepped right into the fray and embraced total meltdown. Whether it’s from meteor strikes and dinosaurs, hurricanes and tsunamis, or alien […]

How to think and act like a marketing leader

No long walks on the beach for leaders Recently, a client asked what other companies are doing to differentiate their leadership and experience messaging beyond the usual “we’ve been in business for xx years, are an industry leader …”, etc. It’s a good question, as it’s easy to get trapped in your existing company rhetoric […]

The value of the butter-up

Another little secret about us writers is, we don’t do it for the money. At least, not entirely. I have a whole folder in my email simply titled “Praise”. It’s where I save every compliment, atta girl and pat on the back my clients give me. I’m proud of doing a good job, pleased to […]