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PHH Arval Brand Launch

Thirty years ago, there were more than 300 fleet management companies in the US. Today, it’s down to 10, vying for the same customers. And the second largest player, PHH Arval, was facing monumental challenges.

Their competition was badmouthing them after a failed merger with GE. When they finally responded, their messaging was inconsistent. This left employees frustrated, and customers scratching their heads. What’s more, PHH was clinging to a story of industry firsts in a marketplace that had caught up to them technologically.

Simple Guide To Branding Your Small Business [Infographic]

See on – Advertising, I say Need help branding your small business? This simple guide helps you with 6 key suggestions that might make your success a whole lot easier & faster. See on

Cut through the hype about brand storytelling

Every time I see the words “brand storytelling” and read about its importance, I get butterflies in my stomach—not the good kind. And I’m a professional writer, so I can only imagine what it’s doing to marketers out there who don’t write for a living. Here are examples of the phrases that get me: “Content […]

TRESemme print ad

While working as a beauty copywriter for agency Carat, I was part of the team that pitched and won this mainstay brand of haircare products. Our concepts focused on engaging women on their terms at all touch points so that TRESemmé could enable them to be the Best Tressed. I was copywriter.

Miraval Resorts brand launch

I was copywriter and brand marketing strategist on the launch of this world-renowned spa in Tuscon, AZ. Most of the work was done while there were still bulldozers on the property and none of the rooms were finished. Sometimes we’re not just creatives, we’re illusionists.

How Do Changing Demographics Impact Ads?

Heard on NPR: How multicultural advertising is now the norm. Michele Norris interviews Jimmy Smith, creative director at TBWA/Chiat/Day, and Roberto Orci, Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies chair-elect and president of Acento ad agency. Click this link to play the multicultural advertising interview.

Create a marketing plan you’ll actually use

Want to improve your marketing? Write a marketing plan you’ll actually use day in, day out to achieve your business goals. Here’s how to develop a marketing plan exactly like that: Unlearn what you know about marketing plans. Common marketing plan wisdom says: “Shiny is good. Formatting is good. Clever deployment is good.” Instead, successful […]

6 Things I’ve Learned Writing for the Beauty Industry

You have to be vain. Vanity is not a bad thing. At least, not in the proper dose. Advertising and vanity go hand in hand. It’s why you see so many beautiful women and hot guys working in advertising. It’s why you’re willing to spend an hour watching Don Draper be a likeable asshole. The […]

Advertising & Marketing White Papers from AdAge

Advertising and Marketing News White Papers AdAge whitepapers (tags: adage_whitepapers Ad_Resources advertising marketing research business adage whitepapers) Idris Mootee’s Presentations on SlideShare (tags: brand_strategist branding)

An Agency Devoted to Branding Beauty

These guys have a really interesting approach to the concept of branding beauty, including merchandising and product development. Intelligent Beauty, Inc. (tags: beauty branding) A Top Team Is Key to Growth – (tags: entrepreneurship management entrepreneur)

A Brand that Needs to Grow Up

Since I’m in the business of talking about brands, I’m going to pick on one now. It’s been infamous around this household since my daughter was born and has just won that distinction yet again. Hard to believe that a major brand like Toys R Us can make it so hard on the consumer and […]

5 marketing megatrends you can’t ignore

This is a fascinating article about marketing megatrends by my friend Adam Kleinberg, CEO of Traction. Our society is undergoing massive fundamental transitions. Learn how these forward-thinking brands seized the underlying marketing opportunities. Article Highlights Savvy marketers are recognizing the impact of mass collaboration and constant connectivity The broader trends of globalization and corporate distrust […]

Is the end of traditional media truly nigh?

From one of this copywriter’s favorite social networking experts, Sorel Denholtz, in her most recent blog post for Digital Axle. “If you’re in advertising, you’d better learn to speak digital, because that’s the way the world is going.” Those words come from Josh Bernoff’s Groundswell blog today, summing up Forrester Research’s just completed five-year interactive […]

Romanelli helps local lumber retailer take on the big guys

As part two of my continuing effort as a copywriter and marketing strategist to bring you tales of marketing success in The Current Economy, again, give it up for guest-blogger Bernie Freytag, Creative Director at Romanelli Communications. Bernie will tell you about how this “lean, agile, flexible and focused” agency on the East Coast is […]

Romanelli plays matchmaker for Credit Union

In my continuing effort as a copywriter and marketing strategist to bring you tales of marketing success in The Current Economy, regardless of whether or not I had anything to do with them, here’s guest-blogger Bernie Freytag, Creative Director at Romanelli Communications. Bernie will tell you about how this “lean, agile, flexible and focused” agency […]

SAP and Cisco Conference Opening Video

I wrote the script for this video which was the cornerstone of the announcement of a new partnership between tech giants, Cisco and SAP. It was shown before the keynote speech to an audience of 18,000 at the Cisco Global Sales Conference in August of 2007.

Lipton Pyramid Tea Website

Lipton Pyramid Tea is a great example of structuring a brand to its target audience. Lipton wanted to attract urbane 20-somethings interested in health and partying. I was website copywriter.

Jimmy Wales on direct marketing vs. branding

The rathole of direct marketing, according to Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, via John Battelle, in an interview with AdRants. Quick copywriter synopsis: Wales says, because everything online is very measurable, we measure everything. Impressions, click-through rates, conversions. But traditional brand advertising has to be measurable in other more traditional ways, like consumer awareness. Because […]

Brand yourself like your life depends on it

When I was in high school, a movement had just begun. It became known simply as desktop publishing. Innocuous enough, but it changed everything. It essentially felled the walls that separated the professional from the amateur, the have’s from the have-not’s. Sure, it didn’t change everyone’s skill level. To this day, there are a lot […]

Bank advertising takes disaster head on

Get eaten alive, still earn interest You wouldn’t expect armageddon to be a topic most banks would pick up on for an ad campaign. But with the help of YR Lima, Banco Financiero has stepped right into the fray and embraced total meltdown. Whether it’s from meteor strikes and dinosaurs, hurricanes and tsunamis, or alien […]

The value of the butter-up

Another little secret about us writers is, we don’t do it for the money. At least, not entirely. I have a whole folder in my email simply titled “Praise”. It’s where I save every compliment, atta girl and pat on the back my clients give me. I’m proud of doing a good job, pleased to […]