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Why Limiting Emails to 50 Words Is a Great Idea

See on – Advertising, I say Groupon CEO Andrew Mason has a great idea. And it has nothing to do with daily deals.   Karen Goldfarb Copywriter‘s insight: Think I agree with Etlinger. This solves the wrong problem. It’s not the length of emails, it’s the volume. Add poor lists in the DM world […]

How Great Direct Mail Helps a Retailer Win Back Customers | Smart Marketing Strategy

See on – Advertising, I say A direct marketing success story: How Chico’s, women’s retailer, got customer win-back direct mail right and 6 lessons for a smart marketing strategy. See on

Direct marketing testing vs. social marketing testing

Throughout the ages, savvy direct marketers have used testing strategies to refine their marketing efforts and boost results. In fact, even as a fledgling copywriter, I used to tell clients that if you’re going in the mail, you should be testing something. That’s because the market will tell you what it likes. Offer A vs. […]

Email Marketing According to Email Users

Key email marketing stats and lessons for you from surveys of Internet users and their typical email habits, preferences and opinions.