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The Consumer’s Dilemma

Facing a personal purchase decision of import, I found myself staring down the very same consumer’s dilemma posed here by Financial Editor Joseph Lazzaro for BloggingStocks. To save or not to save? Here’s what one economist forecast. What would make the strongest case for a large fiscal stimulus package – – upwards of $1 trillion […]

A Brand that Needs to Grow Up

Since I’m in the business of talking about brands, I’m going to pick on one now. It’s been infamous around this household since my daughter was born and has just won that distinction yet again. Hard to believe that a major brand like Toys R Us can make it so hard on the consumer and […]

Scribd as a Resource for Marketing Research

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5 marketing megatrends you can’t ignore

This is a fascinating article about marketing megatrends by my friend Adam Kleinberg, CEO of Traction. Our society is undergoing massive fundamental transitions. Learn how these forward-thinking brands seized the underlying marketing opportunities. Article Highlights Savvy marketers are recognizing the impact of mass collaboration and constant connectivity The broader trends of globalization and corporate distrust […]

Social Media Advisor for Gap Presents Results from Twitter & Facebook

I had the privilege of hoodwinking Robin Frank, Social Media Advisor for Gap Inc. among others, into speaking on a panel of social media pundits, at the first meeting of the Marin County chapter of Women In Consulting. At this fascinating presentation, Robin discussed strategies including engaging consumers by being more than a “coupon channel”and […]

6 questions to define creative strategy

Common-sense tips from a graphic designer that apply to us copywriters, marketing strategists and business folks too… Six Questions to Define Creative Strategy Tips to speed and improve creative design results. By Susan Sharman, Sharman Studios As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time trying to explain the creative process. How do I […]

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe on lamb castration, PETA, and the war on American labor

Drawing on his experiences picking up roadkill, feeding swine, and castrating a lamb with his teeth, Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, discusses how modern American culture belittles necessary labor. And, as he points out, not only is the labor these people do necessary, but many of the people doing it are actually–wait […]

Is the end of traditional media truly nigh?

From one of this copywriter’s favorite social networking experts, Sorel Denholtz, in her most recent blog post for Digital Axle. “If you’re in advertising, you’d better learn to speak digital, because that’s the way the world is going.” Those words come from Josh Bernoff’s Groundswell blog today, summing up Forrester Research’s just completed five-year interactive […]

Romanelli helps local lumber retailer take on the big guys

As part two of my continuing effort as a copywriter and marketing strategist to bring you tales of marketing success in The Current Economy, again, give it up for guest-blogger Bernie Freytag, Creative Director at Romanelli Communications. Bernie will tell you about how this “lean, agile, flexible and focused” agency on the East Coast is […]

Romanelli plays matchmaker for Credit Union

In my continuing effort as a copywriter and marketing strategist to bring you tales of marketing success in The Current Economy, regardless of whether or not I had anything to do with them, here’s guest-blogger Bernie Freytag, Creative Director at Romanelli Communications. Bernie will tell you about how this “lean, agile, flexible and focused” agency […]

The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations

How to get people to buy from you, right now

I’m going to tell you one of the Great Marketing Strategy Secrets to Still Making Sales, Even in This Crazy Economy. It’s not copywriting. Or art direction. Or social media, video, or SEO strategy. (Although all those things can help.) Ready? It’s the offer. Offer something of value to your customers, something they really want, […]

Lipton Pyramid Tea Website

Lipton Pyramid Tea is a great example of structuring a brand to its target audience. Lipton wanted to attract urbane 20-somethings interested in health and partying. I was website copywriter.

Jimmy Wales on direct marketing vs. branding

The rathole of direct marketing, according to Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, via John Battelle, in an interview with AdRants. Quick copywriter synopsis: Wales says, because everything online is very measurable, we measure everything. Impressions, click-through rates, conversions. But traditional brand advertising has to be measurable in other more traditional ways, like consumer awareness. Because […]

5 reasons why Susan Boyle went viral

You can’t guarantee anything’s going to go viral, even with the best intent. So here’s my two cents on why a 48-year-old woman named Susan Boyle is taking the world by storm. 1. She’s genuine. Unless this is the biggest marketing ploy ever (and if it is, I gotta hand it to them), Susan Boyle […]

Lead generation and Loch Ness

Leviathan. The Loch Ness Monster. The Kraken. The Devil Fish. What do these infamous sea monsters have in common with leads? For one, there’s certainly a lot of mythology about them. After all, do these creatures really exist? The answer is yes, some of them do. Leviathan may have been a blue whale. The Kraken […]

Stop killing pre-qualified leads

There’s a simple mistake many marketers make day in, day out that kills pre-qualified leads. Leads that are coming in via organic search, paid search and paid advertising. It goes something like this. You’ve isolated the keywords your potential customers are most likely to use. You’ve put them in your meta tags, your copywriting, maybe […]

7 superior alternatives to Google Adwords

Seven is indeed a lucky number so here are seven tips on selling more, but with a twist. This one is from an unusual source. Tammy Kahn Fennell runs, a site devoted to selling antiques. Here’s what she says has worked for her when she needed to find ways that outperformed Google Adwords. Looks […]

7 and-a-half tips to start social networking

1. Get on Twitter. 2. Try Twitter Advanced Search to plug in keywords that apply to your business, ideas and interests. (You can even get an RSS feed as new tweets come in with your chosen terms. Personally, I prefer Tweetdeck as it creates columns with your searches in a nice interface and keeps updating […]

There is gold in them there social media hills

Razorfish has data that shows the rush to profit from social media is working. The big takeaway is that “those who discovered an application via a friend (aka, via a social connection) were almost four times more likely to download it.  They were also more likely to spend money on the client site and spent […]

Bank advertising takes disaster head on

Get eaten alive, still earn interest You wouldn’t expect armageddon to be a topic most banks would pick up on for an ad campaign. But with the help of YR Lima, Banco Financiero has stepped right into the fray and embraced total meltdown. Whether it’s from meteor strikes and dinosaurs, hurricanes and tsunamis, or alien […]

How to think and act like a marketing leader

No long walks on the beach for leaders Recently, a client asked what other companies are doing to differentiate their leadership and experience messaging beyond the usual “we’ve been in business for xx years, are an industry leader …”, etc. It’s a good question, as it’s easy to get trapped in your existing company rhetoric […]

The value of the butter-up

Another little secret about us writers is, we don’t do it for the money. At least, not entirely. I have a whole folder in my email simply titled “Praise”. It’s where I save every compliment, atta girl and pat on the back my clients give me. I’m proud of doing a good job, pleased to […]

The voodoo we copywriters do


I’m often asked–and have often wondered–what makes me good at coming up with concepts that are interesting, evocative and effective. It’s funny how, for some reason, we’re all fascinated by the creative process, even those of us who are “creative”. How do you seemingly make something from nothing? How do you “move the needle”? How do you make someone take the action you want them to take?

For me, a lot of it is innate personality. It sounds like psychobabble but I truly am highly empathetic. I can sense the emotions of