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On social media, gratuitous violence, and how the 2010 Census impacts ethnic advertising

Veteran journalist Sandy Close, with a career that spans decades helping to give voice to those who don’t often get heard from, speaks about the importance of connection to create a more cosmopolitan view of the world. Very timely topics, considering how often we talk about connection in social media. Be sure to listen to […]

16 B2B social media case studies

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Direct marketing testing vs. social marketing testing

Throughout the ages, savvy direct marketers have used testing strategies to refine their marketing efforts and boost results. In fact, even as a fledgling copywriter, I used to tell clients that if you’re going in the mail, you should be testing something. That’s because the market will tell you what it likes. Offer A vs. […]

Why brands fail at social marketing

Branding used to be about solidifying your message and communicating that message consistently in the marketplace. The intended result was that your audience could parrot back to you your own message (“Coke is it”, “Have you driven a Ford lately?” – we can all quote brand messages) and you’d be locked in their mind when […]

Writing About Technology, Plus Why Agencies Suck at Social Strategies

Buzz Marketing for Technology: Why Social Strategies are Difficult for Agencies to Execute (tags: buzz_marketing social_media copywriting copywriter marketing_strategy) Writing about Technology for Consumers – On Demand Videos – (tags: advertising technology writing copywriting copywriting_technology) advertising technology: peruse the product or wax poetic (tags: advertising Technology)

Social Media Advisor for Gap Presents Results from Twitter & Facebook

I had the privilege of hoodwinking Robin Frank, Social Media Advisor for Gap Inc. among others, into speaking on a panel of social media pundits, at the first meeting of the Marin County chapter of Women In Consulting. At this fascinating presentation, Robin discussed strategies including engaging consumers by being more than a “coupon channel”and […]

7 and-a-half tips to start social networking

1. Get on Twitter. 2. Try Twitter Advanced Search to plug in keywords that apply to your business, ideas and interests. (You can even get an RSS feed as new tweets come in with your chosen terms. Personally, I prefer Tweetdeck as it creates columns with your searches in a nice interface and keeps updating […]