Freelance Writer/Creative Director

“Karen is an outstanding copywriter and creative strategist. She is thoughtful, creative, sharp, witty, clever, AND strategic. Her copy is on target, on tone, and always stands out. Her knowledge of marketing and web strategy is comprehensive, and she dives in and helps drive all areas of web marketing – from copywriting, to creative, to ideas, website design, and promotions. Not only does she deliver promptly and thoroughly, she can tackle anything big or small. It is a pleasure to be on Karen’s team, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.” March 2, 2011

Robin Frank, VP Marketing/PR/Social Media, Organic Beauty Now
worked directly with Karen at Organic Beauty Now

Freelance Writer

Clock Four

“Karen is amazing. She took the ball and ran with it and delivered quality work in a quick turnaround. And she was fun to work with to boot. I would work with her again in a heart beat and plan to.” February 17, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Oletta Reed,
hired Karen as a Writer/Editor in 2011

Freelance Writer


“I could talk about all the great insightful copywriting that Karen has done for Traction’s clients, the ways she’s consistently made complex technology sound interesting and engaging, or the strategic intelligence that she lends to every project. But I won’t.

What I will say, and what I appreciate most about Karen professionally, is that in the brief time that I was on her team at SF Interactive, she taught me a lot about this business without even realizing she was doing so. I’m better at what I do today because of Karen, and you probably will be too if you hire her.” April 11, 2009

Adam Kleinberg, CEO, Traction
worked directly with Karen at Traction

“I’ve worked with Karen on marketing products ranging from complex enterprise software to consumer gadgetry. Whatever the product, she’s able to expertly and artfully distill the essential message into it’s purest and most effective form, zeroing in on the target with precision accuracy. And she seems to do it so easily. She’s an incredible asset to any strategic creative endeavor.” January 29, 2009

Jen Davi, Process Director, Senior Producer, Traction
worked directly with Karen at Traction

Freelance Writer


“Karen’s superior communication skills make working with her a joy. She describes her projects perfectly, sends them when she says she’s going to, and makes prompt payment. I highly recommend her as a client of integrity and look forward to working with her again in the future.” October 27, 2008

Deborah Devitt, Owner, Pioneer Transcription Services
was a consultant or contractor to Karen at Carat


Madcap Labs

“I have an immense amount of respect for Karen’s ability to think outside the box. We worked on a project together and hit a MAJOR home run. Cool! Even more awesome: she’s my go to person for anything “web 4.5”.” April 22, 2010

Scott Sidorsky, Creative Direction, Sidorsky Creative
worked with Karen at Mountain Travel Sobek

Copywriter/Creative Director

Real Branding

“Karen possesses a rare mix of strategic vision, marketing savvy, and boundless creativity that consistently results in extraordinary work. She is amazingly versatile, with impressive experience across industry verticals, consumer audiences and advertising mediums. In short, Karen is the real deal – a superior creative director and strategist, a killer copywriter, and a great person to work with.” April 10, 2006

Jason Bucky,
worked directly with Karen at Real Branding

Copy writer/Creative Director

SF Interactive

“I worked with Karen during the late ’90s dotcom craze and found her to be passionate about doing an excellent job. She never walked away from a challenge. Her ideas are strategic and well-executed, and most of all, she is incredibly funny and a blast to work with.” March 31, 2008

Sorel Denholtz, Managing Director & Executive Creative Director, SF Interactive
managed Karen at SF Interactive

Senior Copywriter

Cohn & Wells

“Karen was my partner for a number of years at Cohn & Wells. What can I say? It was the best of times (because of Karen’s excellent personality and tremendous writing ability) and it was…Actually it was just the best and that has to do with the aforementioned traits as well as a wicked sense of humor amazing strategic smarts. Karen is the whole package and you will not regret working with her one bit.” January 16, 2007

Andrew Davis, Senior Art Director, Cohn & Wells
worked directly with Karen at Cohn & Wells